Sami Ahonen

Senior DevOps Specialist


My name is Sami, and I work as a Senior DevOps Consultant at NorthCode. With over 15 years of experience in the software industry, I started my career as an open-minded software developer, creating programs for various platforms without limiting myself to a specific technology or programming language. I have worked on projects ranging from embedded systems to desktop applications, mobile platforms, and cloud platforms. After a few years in development, I had the opportunity to transition into a role as a test and release engineer, which was my first exposure to what is now known as DevOps engineering.

Since then, I have primarily focused on DevOps, test automation, and cybersecurity in various positions. I am passionate about automating processes to simplify people's lives, enhance software delivery, and improve quality assurance. The moment I knew I had found the right place was during my first job interview with Toni, Ismo, and Sakari. I was immediately captivated by the company's ideologies, ownership model, and fair treatment of employees. Throughout my career, I have worked for small, midsize, and large listed companies in Finland. While I have enjoyed working in all of them, I have found smaller companies to be particularly appealing due to their streamlined management hierarchy and straightforward processes.

For me, the best day at work is when someone appreciates my efforts and thanks me for my work. There's no better feeling than knowing that I have made people's lives and work easier through effective DevOps automation and streamlined processes. The ownership model at NorthCode is fair and consistent, with decisions on common matters being made unanimously and easily.

One of the proudest and most rewarding aspects of working at NorthCode is the sense of community we foster and our commitment to constant improvement. In the technology industry, it is impossible for one person to possess all the knowledge and skills. Therefore, sharing information within the company is highly valued. Through internal technology demos, we can share best practices effectively within the organization, enabling the expertise of other consultants to grow rapidly.

Outside of work, I dedicate most of my time to my wife, four kids, and two pets. While it's difficult to pinpoint a specific hobby, camping in nature throughout the year and hunting in the autumn are activities that hold a special place in my heart. I also play the guitar weekly, mainly focusing on learning new songs from the rock and metal genres. I appreciate various styles of music as long as they are good and captivating. Lately, I have also honed my Morse code and radio skills through voluntary national defense training and am a member of the sissiradisti guild.

Whenever possible and considering the seasons, I prioritize regular exercise such as cycling, walking, and skiing. The best exercise is not the one done quickly but rather the one that covers the most distance.