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CEO's Greeting '22

NorthCode Continues to Make Customers and NorthCoders Happy
CEO Greeting

NorthCode just turned three so now it is a good moment to look back and see what we have achieved. First and foremost, I can happily say that our shared ownership business model has developed further. NorthCode seems to be a very pleasant work environment for our 15 true professionals who are eager to focus on serving their customers with a true craftsmanship attitude. The foundation of our community lies in the shared ownership which is a good base for a fair and encouraging work environment.

In addition, our customers are extremely happy to have super talented people in their projects. Having said that, it’s pleasant to see that our people are also enjoying their work. We are constantly monitoring how happy our people are and the so-called ‘happiness index’ says we are doing well. The latest value point was 4.5 on scale from 1 to 5.

When considering our journey from the financial point of view, it can be stated that we have been able to create a profitable business with our new business model. Our turnover has doubled every year being up to 1.1 million euros in the last fiscal year with a solid 12% net profit [1]. In addition, we have been able to pay bonuses in two consecutive half-year periods.

In my opinion, this is a phenomenon, this is the model of the future for selling expertise today!

Best regards, Toni Kortepohja CEO, NorthCode