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We are reducing the cognitive load on our customer organizations with digital solutions. At the same time, we are committed to decreasing their carbon footprint in digital services.

Our company is owned by its employees, and our cornerstones are partnership, fairness, and transparency.


Services we provide are centered around Platform Engineering, specializing in the creation of robust Internal Development Platforms tailored to your unique business needs.

More than just services, we offer comprehensive solutions including Audits, Hands-On Work, Training, Coaching, and Full Solutions.

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Greener ICT

How sustainable are your Digital Services?

Answer these questions and find out!

Platform Engineering

Brief assessment of current status of Platform Engineering and Internal Development Platform (IDP)



Open Source

Open Source is at the core in our philosophy. Sharing technology takes us further together and it should be embraced.

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Open Source Contributions

Join us

Join us

We are looking for people who have experience in cloud native development, cloud architecture, CI/CD pipelines, test automation and/or project management.

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