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Teemu Moisanen

DevOps Specialist
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Hello! I am Teemu Moisanen and I work as a DevOps Specialist at NorthCode but my title does not describe much about what I do here. My core competence would probably be in creating infrastructure to ease the life of others and I am at my comfort zone when working with test automation. Even if I could work with almost anything from infra to tests, I would say that my strength lies in communications. I am never afraid of meeting new people and often volunteer as being the one asking the “dumb questions”. In my opinion, the real power of Software Development lies in team work, though I know it is a cliché. I understand my role as a consultant is to provide professional advice to companies and help them to improve their business performance. Often my daily work consists of same routines and I fully dedicate myself to my client's mission. What comes to working at NorthCode, I was delighted to see that we have a very active community. For instance, we have an online coffee break every single week day and during those we are not talking about professional matters, but instead the topics vary and are often not work related. We also have a very lively and vivid discussion going on in Slack. I enjoy reading those discussion threads even outside my working hours because it feels just like chatting with friends. These are the reasons why I love to work here.

In the early stages of my career at NorthCode I sometimes felt a bit insecure at the beginning of the project and was seeking help from my NorthCode colleagues. They reminded me I have a group of professionals behind my back and that we are in it together as a team and they will always be there for me to help to make it happen. It really supported me to hear these encouraging words and I was at ease again and could focus with a correct mindset. At the end of the day everything went smoothly. This is an example of a moment when I felt the real power and benefit of a good work community. Outside of working hours, I am busy with my traditional Finnish family. I am married with 2 children and we have a labrador retriever dog and live in a townhouse. As my kids are still very young (under 3 years), I could say my life is interesting and there are no dull moments. However, if I happen to have time for my hobbies, I run to the woods to throw discs (disc golfing) or play video games.