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Hanna Saari

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I am Hanna Saari, a curious, enthusiastic, and outgoing person who wants to help people make their lives easier with technology, both in business and daily life. I have a strong background in the banking and finance sector, as well as in intelligent automation and RPA. I am at my best when creating new business ventures with like-minded people, whether they are startups, events, projects, or just new business ideas.

At NorthCode, I work as the CSO (Chief Sales Officer) and Partner in the parent company. With a highly entrepreneurial mindset and recent experience in the startup field, I am particularly motivated by NorthCode’s ownership model and the opportunity to contribute to the company’s early-stage growth. I am thrilled to join Ismo and Toni, the founders, as the third Partner, filled with excitement.

As NorthCode experiences rapid growth through the founders’ expertise, it’s time for me to contribute with my knowledge and networks in various business areas and sales. My goals include managing customer relationships, elevating sales, and fostering collaboration with our ecosystem companies. I aim to propel us to the next level and anticipate the establishment of our first subsidiary soon, with future ventures in the pipeline.

Family time and our little son keep me busy at home, so nowadays, my free time is primarily devoted to activities we enjoy as a family. However, when I have time for myself, I love engaging in sports such as tennis, golf, skiing, and gym workouts. Additionally, I am a technology blogger, public speaker, and a dedicated JCI member (Junior Chamber International). I am passionate about continuous self-development, both physically and mentally.