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Timo Taskinen

Senior DevOps Specialist
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I joined Northcode as a senior DevOps specialist at the beginning of 2023, transitioning from a much larger company. The smaller size of Northcode immediately made me feel welcome, and it didn't take long for me to become acquainted with everyone in the company. Working here feels very efficient and streamlined. We focus on doing exactly what needs to be done, efficiently, without any unnecessary overhead.

Being co-owners of our company, we engage in open discussions about all business-related matters. I firmly believe that our transparent operational model is advantageous for everyone involved. We are consistently kept informed about all relevant aspects of our company, ensuring communication is direct and to the point, without any unnecessary embellishment.

While consulting was already a familiar field to me and an area I wanted to pursue, joining this company has brought significant changes in other aspects. I still work directly with customers, but now, there's less hassle and fewer distractions. Northcode enables me to focus solely on the customer, aiding my work rather than complicating it. I believe our company's model is unique, and I take pride in being a part of it. My colleagues are all highly skilled and dedicated, fostering an environment rich in mutual respect and continuous learning, something I'm very proud of. Having the opportunity to contribute to and make decisions on matters that impact our work life and the company's direction is incredibly motivating. This democratic approach cultivates a strong sense of ownership and pride among us. We are not merely employees; we are active contributors to our company's success.

Professionally, I thrive on leveraging public cloud platforms. On a personal note, I have a private cloud in my garage. In my free time, I aspire to learn how to fly a plane, but until then, I satisfy my aviation passion through flight simulators. I love the fuzzy warm feeling from automating tasks or implementing solutions that allow me to forget about them and sleep my nights well. My interests in computing range from high-level abstractions, such as managed services and serverless computing, to hands-on tinkering with hardware, IoT, and microcontrollers. Home automation is one of my ongoing projects, and it seems the more I invest in it, the more there is to do. I just hope my family doesn't have to endure a cold house one winter morning due to dads incorrect YAML indentation.