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What takes us further as mankind? Thoughts on the benefits of sharing knowledge and technology - and what is NorthCode’s contribution?
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Innovation and technology always change the path of humanity, pushing us into the future. When we share these two things, it helps everyone progress. As we decide to share technological and innovative improvements, progress happens more quickly. Sharing information, instead of keeping it to ourselves, is good for everyone. It not only helps create new things but also makes sure everyone has what they need, making it a win-win for all.

Standardized work is everywhere

Standardized work is the foundation of any repetitive task that gets better over time. It's crucial for Lean practices but differs from coding, which is like an artist's work involving creating, observing, deducing, and even chance. Unlike coding, which is complex, standardized work relies on basic elements like code and computer calculations. It can be used in different areas like the Delivery Pipeline, Build Script, and making new environments.

Sharing benefits both sides

Creating shareable innovation and technology raises questions about sharing without risking harm to your business. Despite concerns, sharing intellectual property can be advantageous, placing you at the top of the IPR hierarchy and providing valuable insights from users to enhance your tools.

Rather than viewing code and documentation as exclusive, prioritize human knowledge as the ultimate capital. Nurturing and supporting knowledge is crucial for organizational growth and development.

NorthCode actively aligns its practices with principles, consolidating all standardized work under one project: The Project Aurora. Notably, NorthCode stands out by committing to sharing standardized work without attaching a unique brand. This approach invites a diverse community to contribute to real change in a shared world.

Check the project yourself here:

Project Aurora