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CEO’s Greeting ’23

Celebrating NorthCode's Fourth Financial Period: Reflecting on Progress and Shaping the Future
Picture of Toni Kortepohja

As we embark on the journey into our fifth financial period, let's review the achievements we've accomplished together. Our shared ownership business model has thrived, fostering an environment where 18 dedicated professionals not only excel but also perform at their best in serving our customers. Our commitment to nurturing our company culture has proven to be the foundation of our success. This foundation fosters a fair, empowering, and inspiring work environment, where each individual's contributions are valued, and collaboration thrives. Reflecting on our financial journey, we have been able to grow considerably. Our turnover has soared, reaching an impressive 2.12 million euros during the last financial period. In financial-vise, our achievements stand as a testament to the viability of our model, which I believe is the blueprint for the future of expertise-driven businesses. As we navigate the market's current conditions, marked by a decline in consulting demand since the start of 2023, we've proven our resilience. Our agile way of running our business, including an agile cost structure, has been an important factor in adapting to changing market dynamics. Our commitment and our efficient operations have played a significant role in weathering these challenges. I would also like to express my gratitude to our partners, especially for the unwavering support from our ecosystem: Luoto Company, Vuolu Group, Asteroid, Kipinä Software, and Trail Openers. Their collaboration and partnership have been really important to us. With optimism in our hearts, we look forward to the upcoming quarters of 2023. We anticipate a positive shift in the market, as the industry regains its momentum during Q3 and Q4. Our adaptive approach, combined with our unwavering dedication to excellence, positions us strongly to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.