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Juha Randelin

DevOps Specialist
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Hi! My name is Juha Randelin and I work as a DevOps Specialist. I have been working in IT field for the past 7+ years with customers from different industries like finance, energy and media. I see myself as a "Jack of all trades" in IT but my expertise lies in Quality Assurance in Software Development. I have worked in various different roles in QA and my tasks have varied from manual testing to building and maintaining automated CI pipelines. My role with the current customer is to help them with automated testing and maintain the current infra solution for test automation. The first thing that got me interested in NorthCode was the shared ownership model and the possibility to work in a smaller organization. Previously, I have been working in big organizations and noticed that a single worker can get lost in the shuffle. I like the fact that I know everyone in my company and that they all are seasoned professionals.

I am happy when I get to solve complex issues during my daily work. The time just flies when you have the possibility to push your brains to the limit solving issues and learning new things continuously.

NorthCode is a great company as we don’t really have any organizational mumble-jumble because of the low-level organizational hierarchy. In addition, I like how NorthCode motivates you to be involved in mutual matters. We discuss and make decisions together in a transparent way and everyone’s opinion is heard and taken into consideration. You are not expected to comment or participate in every discussion but the main point is that it is made possible for everyone in the company.

I am proud of the great decisions we have made in order to make NorthCode the best workplace in the industry and our simple and transparent base salary model is just one of the examples. I also like that we have a common understanding of remote work being the new normal.

I have a 1,5 years old daughter and she keeps me busy after the workdays. I also like to take long walks with my Schipperke dog. We have recently moved from Helsinki to countryside and the new "mansion" needs a lot of maintaining so it's kind of my annoying hobby trying to fix and improve things around the house. Some other hobbies of mine are disc golfing, playing video games, going to the gym, alpine skiing/snowboarding and traveling.