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Promoting Fairness with Equal, Transparent Salaries

Fair Treatment and Full Support for Diversity and Inclusion are our Most Important Values. See our Payment Model here!
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Salaries by category at NorthCode

For an individual employee, it is challenging to define a price for one's own work, especially when comparing one's own earnings with the earnings of colleagues.

Our Vision of Equal Compensation

We at NorthCode want to ensure that our employees are paid equally for similar work. Therefore, we decided to switch to an equal base salary model. It is strictly based on the applicable work experience.  We think that only relevant matters should affect one's compensation. Overall, we want to eliminate any discriminatory elements in our company culture.

All our employees receive fringe benefits in addition to the monthly base salary. Currently, these include medical expense insurance, extended accident insurance, luncheon vouchers, sport & culture vouchers, massage and public transportation. It is also possible to enter into a leasing agreement for Vapaus Benefit Bikes. 

When we founded NorthCode we wanted a joyful life with a fair and transparent business model. We strongly believe equal pay matters in the workplace. We want to provide equal opportunity and fair compensation to employees of all kinds.