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NorthCode Wants to Play an Active Role in Supporting Employees’ Hobbies
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We at NorthCode are constantly coming up with new ways to keep our employees happy and active in the company and want to encourage people to bring their hobby into their work.

That is why we support our employees to form hobby clubs to build strong relationships and promote a healthy company culture. Integrating a personal passion to the job benefits all of us in a variety of ways. Our serious hobbyists are an asset.

Every NorthCoder can start a hobby club if there are two or more people interested in the theme and willing to bond and share common interests. The members can create the budget independently and our clubs are open to all NorthCoders to join.

Currently we have four active Hobby Clubs: Camera Club, DiscGolf Club, Triathlon Club and Cooking Club and more to come. We will introduce each of these clubs in more detail in the near future.