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Jani Mikkonen

Senior DevOps Engineer
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Hiya! My name is Jani, and I work at NorthCode as a grumpy old DevOps and QA engineer. I'm not really a "cloud engineer" per se, but I've managed big and small on and offsite hardware and software installations and configurations. I've done development, quality assurance, and whatnot, from embedded devices to large web projects. With roughly 28 years in the industry and a very broad background, NorthCode has a decent all-arounder in me, and that has shown in the projects I've worked on.

Around the time when Ismo and Toni were forming what is now called NorthCode, I was already asked to join the crew, but I had one card I really wanted to check out first. After about two years, the company had already grown, and quite a few old friends I had worked with had joined. I didn't need much reassurance to take up on that offer.

The thing I really appreciate at NC is the individual expenses budget. Obviously, customers have their own needs and preferences, but in general, with my yearly budget, I can have the tools and equipment I want and not something that was mandated or given "from above."

We have quite versatile backgrounds when it comes to tech within NorthCode, and people are willing to help each other out. It makes me proud to share the experience and knowledge with such a bunch of people.

In my free time, I'm doing music, singing, and gigs under the moniker "Jahvice." It's not the most prolific career so far, but as the old Finnish saying goes, "Hiljaa hyvä tulee." With a bunch of friends, we also own some high-powered sound equipment, and every now and then, we take the boxes out of the storage and play some sweet reggae music. I'm also known to enjoy wheat beer and occasional rounds of Conquest or Rush in the Battlefield series.