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Sakari Hoisko

DevOps Architect
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The best thing about working for NorthCode is collaboration, ownership and open source.

Sakari Hoisko, DevOps Architect

I began working for NorthCode during the autumn of 2020. My strongest area of expertise lies in infrastructural development and providing site maintenance, i.e. Site Reliability Engineering. My main task as a consultant is to make sure there are zero interruptions during upgrades in software functionality. Automation helps me ensure that software packages work when the number of users increases or if the software experiences temporary breakdowns.

Apart from the technical aspects involved in my day-to-day work, it’s important for me to spend time not only with my colleagues over a cup of coffee but with clients too. The relationship formed between myself and the client during relaxed breaks is vital to a successful outcome. To reach the goal I’ve set with the client, I solve problems daily through trial and error, constructing and deconstructing, as well as with the help of the internet.

Typically I attend meetings by presenting progress reports and giving updates on possible technical issues.

In addition, my expert opinion is called upon at sales meetings to give insight into technical issues and ideate software solutions. I also attend recruitment interviews and hold webinars for students.

First-rate value for our clients

Thus far, the most rewarding project I’ve been involved in at NorthCode has been the containerisation of a conventional software package from beginning to end. This was achieved by templating the containerisation with Helm and transferring it to Kubernetes cluster cloud.

It’s nice to know that I am able to do a four-day workweek which is in sync with NorthCoders in general. This has been welcomed by our clients as well. A four-day workweek enables better recuperation, which in turn generates higher work efficiency and thus value for the client.

Collaborating with the best

NorthCode encourages its staff to contribute in creating a smoother workflow by promoting a helping-hand policy. Knowledge is readily shared by colleagues to help each consultant take on problem-solving from a new perspective, which has a very positive impact on gaining results. As an example, whilst executing a security assessment assignment for a client I decided to consult NorthCode’s security specialist Teemu Vesala on the matter. Working together, he and I were able to create a very high quality outcome for that particular client.

An ideal situation is to do the work in collaboration with an expert from the client’s side - a ‘tech-nerd’ to assist in solving issues. This in turn produces the best possible results which can then be organically transferred to the client themselves.

As an owner you decide and reap the rewards

As an owner at NorthCode I take part in decision-making processes that have a direct impact on my work and on how I choose to do it.

After working as a consultant for over 15 years I can safely say that I have helped line the pockets of many shareholders, without receiving so much as a bonus in between. Once Teemu introduced me to the NorthCode business model I realised that this particular model posed very low risks, and yet rewards and profits flow directly into my own pocket as well. I’d call that a perfect win-win situation.

In comparison to independent entrepreneurship the NorthCode business model takes care of tedious bureaucracy, freeing up valuable time that can be better employed in focusing on the work itself.

At NorthCode each shareholder is given a specific budget to invest in the tools of their choice. In my case a high quality laptop and a mobile phone to begin with.

Open source is not only sensible but cost-effective

Previously consulting meant that coding had to be started from scratch each time a new client came along (the ownership of a code being with the previous client or consulting company). I find this disadvantageous and not very cost effective. In contrast, NorthCode encourages open source publishing for problem solving, which enables me to utilise pre-existing code as a foundation, allowing me to home in on work that brings value to our clientele at a much faster pace.

During my freetime I enjoy playing computer games with my colleagues and catching up on everyday stuff, which enforces comradery and a sense of belonging amongst us.

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